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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 25, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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vote for capitalism to return to our great country to the super power we were and can be. wake up, america, you can cure the cancer. what do we do in a moment like this? what do you say in a moment like this? >> what do you say? we begin a very busy news day. with many questions but few answers. a popular high school freshman recently crowned homecoming prince opens fire at a washington state high school cafeteria leaving one girl dead and wounding several others before turning the gun on himself. we'll have the very latest on this investigation. the manhunt ends for the gunman who shoots down three deputies and eluding hundreds of cops for hours. with this week's lone wolf terror attack in ottawa, some are asking if it's time to beef
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up border security up north. governor mike huckabee will be here. and the fight to stop the isis threat. welcome to this special two-our edition of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital. thanks for joining us today. >> i'm leeland vitter joining you today from d.c. a fox news alert. the latest on a deadly school shooting near seattle, washington. authorities are sifting through clues, trying to determine what drove a young teenager to kill a classmate and wound four others before kiing himself. live in our los angeles bureau with the latest on the investigation. hi, dominic. >> it looks like it could be all over a girl. indications are it was one of the three who the gunman shot yesterday morning. the girl he fired on first is the one who died first. students at marys individual-biindividual
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individual-pill chuck high school have identified him as jaylen fryberg. fryberg said to have very intently walked to a table in the school cafeteria and started shooting at close range. a group of five people who were eating their lunch. three of them are in critical condition. the two boys that he hit were actually his cousins. one suffered a gunshot wound to the head. the other took a round to the jaw. now, in the aftermath of his classmate, in the aftermath of all this, the classmates have told the media that he had been sour over a romance that had gone wrong. in fact, his twitter feed had been a stream of emotional anguish in the past few days. a teacher had attempted to help fryberg as he went around the school and pulled the fire alarm to alert their fellow colleagues and also the students there was an attack. everyone tried to evacuate the building. they were actually sent back to their classrooms to take cover. that's when kids frantically began to call their parents.
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listen. well, his fellow students also say that fryberg had temporarily been suspended from the football team last week for beating up another kid who made a racial slur about him. but really, people in marysville are shocked it was him. he came from a good family. he had good grades. we expect an update on the condition of those he hurt later on today. more information to come on that. perhaps an official comment from the police on why particularly and specifically he actually committed this act. back to you. >> so many more question s than answers right now. thanks, dominic. >> we'll keep a close watch on two other violent crimes at this hour. he's being described as a one-man crime spree. leading police on a chase after gunning down three northern california sheriff's deputies, killing two them. that chase spanning two counties before he's caught. police say marshallo marquis's attack left two deputies dead
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and another wounded along with a civilian. a second suspect also now in custody. over on the east coast, a horrific hatchet attack on four rookie new york city cops this week now being called an act of home grown terror. >> as i'm looking at this, at this particular point in time, i would be comfortable, preliminary evaluation is this was a terrorist act. >> the suspect, zale thompson, was immediately shot down by police officers on the scene. thompson is reportedly a recent muslim convert who put out anti-american rants online but has no ties to international terrorism. now, this series of violence raising new fears about lone wolf terror attacks in this country as well as the security of our border to the north. so what will it take to prevent these kinds of atrocities. welcome, sir, great to have you here, as always. >> thank you very much, great to be with you. >> as awful as they are, do you think americans are going to have to start thinking about
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these lone wolf terror attacks here and other western nations as part of the new normal? >> i think we do. it's very clear that some of these people are acting not because they've been recruited and radicalized ex-sternally, but they go on the line, they read the kind of material, it gets them all amped up and they feel they can be part of something bigger than themselves. many cases, they're losers. they're people for whatever reasons have psychotic tendencies and they find this is maybe their way to make their mark. it's a very frightening thing because it's almost impossible to detect them unless somebody is monitoring their social media where they may be giving hints and clues. if we're really interested in sort of finding the needle in the haystack, better keep the haystack to those kind of people who are actually saying things on facebook or twitter that give this kind of indication. >> let's talk about security at the border. we're hearing of course so much about what's happening on the southern border from folks who
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wish to do us harm. yet when we consider what's happened this week in canada, what about the north? since 90% of the cab nadian population lives within 100 miles of the u.s. border, should there be stricter controls on who's allowed in from the north? >> we don't know we have seen mass people running across the border but frankly whatever border we have, whether it's the north, the south, or our coastal borders, we ought to have control over them. that's one of the fundamental purposes, constitutionally, that our government has. for marathon it is to redistribute wealth. it's to protect americans. yes, we ought to be concerned about all our borders. north, south, east, west. making sure when people get into this country we know who they are, where they're going, why they're here. do they have a chun communicabl disease. those are the things we have a right to know and a right to protect ourselves in. >> a recent survey found by a
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17% margin the gop was favored to handle issues related to terrorism over democrats. some political watchers are suggesting that the rise of ebola and terrorism poses what some might describe as a perfect storm for the gop in the upcoming midterms. do you agree? >> i do agree. one of the things we're seeing happen is the loss of credibility with the government. people just don't trust the government. they told us you can keep your health insurance, you can keep your doctor. it's going to be $2,500 a year less. there wasn't a smidgen of corruption at the irs. fast and furious. it didn't involve any government agents. on and on we hear these things. we know it's not true. we later find out it isn't true. when the government comes along and says we're not going to have any ebola cases here and then we get one, don't worry it's not going to spread, and then it does. pretty soon the credibility of the government i is at stake. frankly, i think that's one of the most dangerous places for our government to be.
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it's one thing for us not to like the policies. it's a whole different issue when people just don't trust the policies or trust the people who are saying things to us and i'm afraid that's what this administration has done. it's a box they've put themselves in. it will have consequences on election day. >> what do you make of the fact we're seeing a number of democrats running from being tied to the president's policies with some not even wanting to admit voting for him. what impact is this having on the race and the white house? >> i think people who are running for office, particularly if they're running for the senate, they're running from the president rather than with him. and normally even if a president is somewhat unpopular, people in this party will maybe say i disagree with him but say, hey, he's my president. you can't even get that out of some of these democrats. i think you can administer truth serum and put him under a hot light and beat them with a hose and they'll still say, i don't know this guy. i keep waiting for the rooster to crow three times here because all the democrats are denying they ever heard of barack obama.
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it's not a good sign for the democrats when they're ashamed of their party and ashamed of its leader. it is not the kind of atmosphere that bodes well for the democrats on election day. >> the election day coming up very soon. i've just got a few seconds. this is a story that's made some news this week. not a lot of places i've seen it though. the fact the boeing company is selling some equipment to iran. since 1979, there's been a ban on selling because of sanctions. the fact this is happening now, why now, at a time when so many people say you just can't trust that government, particularly since it's embedded with terrorists. >> we can't trust that government. we ought to be putting pressure on them to stop their nuclear proliferation program. instead, we're making it easy on them. it's an inexplicable policy. i think the consequences are dire and unfortunate. i believe we will live to regret believing we can trust the iranian government. we can trust the iranian people.
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they're good people. the government is corrupt and evil, simple as that. >> thank you so much for joining us with your insights today. this week's attack in canada and here in the u.s. again drawing attention to individual militants. tonight at 10:00 eastern, join us for a special as greta van susteren investigates the lone wolves of terror. u.s. officials are now investigating if isis militants used chlorine gas in an attack last month against a shiite militia just north of baghdad. john huddy is in our mideast bureau with more on this probe and what it means if isis did indeed use those chemical weapons. john. >> leeland, if true, this certainly raises questions about the use of chemical weapons by isis militants, and whether ultimately it could end up helping the militants. now, iraqi security forces said it was most likely, most likely, that isis took the chlorine from water purification plants in
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iraq and loaded shells with it that were fired at iraqi forces and shiite fighters. now, u.s. secretary of state john kerry said he could not confirm the use of the chlorine gas but called such weapons, quote, abhorrent and against law. this, as the bloody fight for control of kobani along the turki turkish/syrian border in syria continues. u.s. centcom released video showing an air strike. as kurdish forces have held off a month-long offensive by isis, with the help of the u.s.-led coalition air strikes. by the way, there have also been more than a dozen other air strikes by coalition forces not only in syria but iraq as well over the past 24 hours and that number has likely grown. we're waiting for more details on that. back ton the fight over kobani. while the air strikes have helped kurdish forces, really,
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the question remains how much longer will they be able to hold off isis militants if relief in terms of heavy artillery and more fighters doesn't come any time soon. leeland. >> we know a lot of the kurds are saying it is now a desperate situation that has gotten worse there in kobani. john huddy, live in jerusalem. we are now two months into u.s. air strikes against isis and president obama's promise to, quote, degrade and ultimately destroy the terror group. but they are still a powerful force on the battlefield. as we have seen over the past week, their ideologies inspiring attacks here in the western hemisphere. for more, we are joined by retired major general bob scales, also a fox news analyst. general, i want to start with this. what does it say that on one hand you have the united states military and our coalition partners and the kurds, on the other hand, you have isis, which by all accounts is a pretty rag tall bunch of about 30,000 at the outside limits and this is
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even a fight in kobani? >> well, that's true. you know, there's an old saying, leeland, that says war is not a test of technology, it's a test of will. there's no question that the side that wants to win the most, the side that's driven by radical ideoloeyideology. the side that's willing to sacrifice its soldiers almost wantonly is isis. when you own that dominant will attacking a force that that's dedicated with just bombs and technology, does not really even the score. they may be small in numbers but they have this desire to control the levant and the rest of the world, i might add, is watching. and just as you mentioned earlier, the young terrorist in canada, looking for an excuse to kill people in authority. they turn to people like isis who they view as the great sort
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of warmaking movement in the world today, leeland. >> what does it say in terms of resolve, if you will? and for that matter, of success? when you have this group like isis being so successful? you have the united states here trying to take them on. what does that say to folks who are self-radicalizing themselves on the internet and that kind of thing? it can't send a message of strength from the united states position. >> well, that's a great point. look, if a young 25-year-old canadian is going to kill somebody, he needs the moral authority to do it. he needs to know that what he's doing is right. and so when he has an organization like isis that is a radical religious-based islamic terrorist organization, to tell him that it's all right, he's now part of the greater islamic jihad, and he's no longer just a -- just a loser of a wrong yon
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in canada, but now he's joining the team. and that is enough for kids like this to cause enormous damage and give their lives for this greatest cause. they own the moral high ground and our mission is not just to bomb them but it's too to take moral high ground away from them. >> how do you take the moral high ground back in this one? is it an all-out campaign? is it ground troops? is it a lot more weapons towards the kurds? what sends that message all of a sudden that the usnited states s going to take control of this situation, rather than, as you pointed out, allow isis to determine the time and place of these battles? >> yeah, that's a great question. the answer is first of all we have to make sure we understand this is a war. isis has declared war on the united states. the united states, for whatever reason, still looks at this threat as more of a social movement than a radical islamic jihad. secondly, we have to take a whole of government, not just fighter aircraft, but all of our -- all of our financial, our
9:16 am
economic and our military might and focus it on this problem in a very large way and ultimately, you've got to take special forces, highly trained direct action troops, and put them on the ground to start picking away at the leadership of isis. so that we achieve enough victories to convince the world that isis is not the global power that it pretends to be. >> quickly, here, do you think there's a way to be able to, if you convince the world that isis is not the global power, will that begin to degrade their ability to have these lone wolf attacks come to fruition in the sense that will people be less inspired if all of a sudden you're able to degrade isis, or is the cat out of the bag in terms of the ideology and youtube clips and those things? >> well, it's greetting late. but there are no accidents of war. this nexus of lone wolves and attacks against soldiers and
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policemen and the success of isis are all related. as long as isis seems dominant to the world, they'll become this terrorist magnet that will draw these losers to them to conduct their own form of terrorism. so the surest way back of this is to break the will of isis and to show the rest of the world that they're not the dominant terrorist regime they claim to be. >> a test of wills, not of tech f ology. general, thank you. we are just about a week away from the elections. a number of close races are at play and control of the u.s. senate all on the line. coming up, political analyst ed rollins who will be here to offer up his insight on the midterms. plus, if you think that the government wastes your money, wait till you see this story. the most wasteful way your tax dollars are being spent and you won't believe it, folks. and standing by in new york with the latest ebola patient making news right now and a
9:18 am
quarantine for others that's under way at this hour. brian. >> frustrated with the cdc ebola response, new york and new jersey have enacted a new tougher quarantine policy as dr. craig spencer is in bellevue hospital. we'll have the latest next. there's a new way to buy a car.
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although i no longer have ebola, i know it may be a while before i have my strength back. i believe in the power of pray, because i know so many people all over the world have been praying for me. i do not know how i can ever thank you, everyone, enough for their prayers, expressions of concern, hope and love. i join you in prayer now for the recovery of others including my colleague and friend amber vinson and dr. craig spencer. >> she is ebola free. she met the president. nurse nina pham released from the hospital after battling the ebola virus. pham was exposed while caring for thomas eric duncan would died october 8th in a hospital in dallas. pham right now is back in texas. illinois is ordering a quarantine for individuals who have had contact with ebola patients in west africa.
9:23 am
they're now the third state imposing restrictions above and beyond those ordered by the cdc for people arriving from the hot zone. new jersey and new york announced similar measures yesterday. brian yenness is live at the new york hospital where a doctor with the latest case of ebola is now being treated. brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, leeland. the governors of new york and new jersey andrew cuomo and chris christie announced yesterday this new policy. it requires that anyone, including health care workers, who have recently been in contact with ebola patients in west africa enter a mandatory 21-day quarantine. they say, the governors say the cdc's current guidelines requiring a voluntary quarantine are just simply not strict enough. the first health care worker to be quarantined yesterday under the new policy here in new york and new jersey has tested negative for ebola in a preliminary test but she remained in isolation and observation at university hospital in newark. she arrived at newark liberty international yesterday from west africa. she had no symptoms and she went through the screening process,
9:24 am
but she developed a fever while in isolation. now, dr. craig spencer, who became the first case of ebola in new york city, spencer was treating ebola patients in new guinea. he followed cdc guidelines by self-monitoring himself for symptoms and continued to go about his daily routine. he took the subway, ate at restaurant, visited a bowling alley, took an uber taxi until he got a fever and was hospitalized thursday morning. now, critics say dr. spencer put the public at risk and should have been quarantined from the start. >> we've seen what happens on a number of cases. people say, well, i got bored, i went out, i went to the store, i did this. you know, in a region like this, you go out one, two, three times, you ride the subway, you ride a bus, you could infect hundreds and hundreds of people. >> it's important to remember that ebola's only contagious when symptoms are showing and it has to cross through really
9:25 am
bodily fluids. in terms of dr. spencer, he is in stable condition here at bellevue hospital. the cdc will be starting what they call active monitoring of all travelers from guinea, liberia and sierra leon come monday. all those passengers will be getting phone calls for 21 days, getting checked up on by their local and state health departments. >> is new jersey, new york and illinois, they say if you're a health care work, you've had contact with ebola patients, we want you to be in quarantine for 21 days. how are they going to know? are they waiting to ining for p the airports to say, hi, put me in quarantine? >> it really has to be the exact same way. new jersey and new york governors said they would have more stringent questioning and be more on top of it at the screenings at the five airports in which they're asking people and having these active screenings. they're going to still determine whether or not the person has
9:26 am
been in contact with ebola. again, it comes up to the person having to say, yes, i've been in contact with someone with ebola. it's still the honor system. there's no other way of really checking besides that. >> i guess we'll see how many people tell the truth. live at bellevue hospital in new york, thanks. and now we want to hear from you at home. with new cdc product coles in place, do you trust the government to protect the u.s. against a widespread ebola outbreak? tweet us with your thoughts. we will definitely read them on the air a little bit later on our program. ahead in the next hour, you will hear from dr. carson on the ebola threat here in the u.s. he wants us to focus on the threat here in africa first before we get swamped with cases here in the state. >> we need to eradicate it there. if we do not and it spreads across that continent and into the middle east and then su subsequently into south and central america it doesn't matter how wonderful the protocols are we have from cdc.
9:27 am
doesn't matter how much our experts know. we're going to be inundated with cases. >> you will hear from dr. carson a little bit later on right here on america's news headquarters, don't miss it. making their final push for the midterms, as they will be decisive and possibly control the senate. plus, a former presidential contender is now one of the biggest draws of the campaign trail. we're going to tell you who he is and what it means coming up. quitting smoking this time was different because i talked to my doctor and i... i got a prescription for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it was important to me that chantix was a non-nicotine pill. the fact that it reduced the urge to smoke helped me get that confidence that i could do it. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems,
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welcome back, everybody. a quick look at some stories making news this hour. two injured victims in the horrific shooting rampage at a washington state high school were cousins of the teen gunman. questions why he attacked his classmates and then took his own life. one student died and three
9:32 am
victims remain hospitalized with head wounds. the medical examiner's office confirms the remains found a week ago are those of missing university of virginia student hannah graham. her body found about 12 miles from campus. graham disappearing from charlottesville on september 13th. she was last seen with jesse matthew, who is charged now with the abduction and intent to defile graham. the first military member has died during the fight against isis militants. 19-year-old shawn neil, a marine from riverside, california, died thursday from a noncombative-related incident. the pentagon is investigating that incident. that's a quick look at some stories making headlines right now. he may be the most in demand person on the campaign trail. here are a few clues. he's not on the ballot, nor does he currently hold public office. a resurgent midromney is
9:33 am
stumping for republican midterm candidates across the country. molly line caught up with the 2012 gop presidential nome in a on the campaign trail in arizona. >> 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney keeps a packed schedule. republican candidates across the nation are eager to get close to the man he defeated just two years ago. >> this is going to be a big year for republicans. staff say he's hit 20 states since spring. whipping up support for two congressional candidates outside tucson. >> please welcome number one -- >> and headlining a rally for doug ducey, the republican candidate for governor. >> i think people want him to be everywhere. every republican candidate who's running in any of these 50
9:34 am
states. >> listing crises resulting in part from what he sees as a lack of involvement on the part of the president, saying this about the handling of ebola. >> i do think it's fair to criticize how the president and his administration have dealt with a massive threat to america and to the world. frankly, the president has once again been pec tater and chief. >> romney blames the president's failed leadership for exacerbating the domestic scandals from the irs and the obamacare rollout but he's particularly critical of the president on foreign policy. >> he's tried to pull back, shrink our military, shrink involvement. american weakness begets aggression on the part of some very bad people. >> with 2016 inching closer, many republicans say they'd like to see governor romney run again. he says he's not running and not planning to run but is focused on these midterms. with plans to travel to kansas, north carolina and georgia before election day. and we are just a little
9:35 am
more than a week to go before election day. second to last weekend. and control of the senate remains a tossup. for insight, we turn to fox news political analyst ed rollins. i want to play you a clip from a debate in new hampshire just a couple of days ago. >> we have a lot going on. i don't think it makes sense for the president to come to new hampshire right now. >> all right, so that is the new hampshire senatorthat she doesn the president to come essentially. now you have mitt romney who is the most in demand guy. what does this mean for the generic ballot? >> the president clearly is a drag on this ticket, on any ticket, particularly a place like new hampshire where romney is so well known. not a resident but has had a home there for a long, long time. my sense is midromney's a guy who ran a great campaign, didn't win, but he ran a great campaign. people don't question his leadership abilities or his
9:36 am
ideas and concepts. they certainly question his president's leadership. >> as we look at new hampshire right now, senator shaheen, democrat there, the average, 48.3, scott brown, 46.7. we're about 10, 11 days away. are these too close to call at this point? >> well, they're very close. the amazing thing, i think most people didn't think scott brown could move from massachusetts where he was the governor -- i mean, the senator, upset winner for the kennedy seat several years ago and made a choice not to run again. this particular situation, where we're moving across the border, becoming a very viable candidate. dead even race today. i'm going to predict right here i think he wins. if he wins, it's a big movement forward for republicans. this is a surprise race for us. this, like the colorado race, we didn't actually anticipate early winning. i think we can win both of them. >> a man would takes a stand. i want to move us now down to
9:37 am
kentucky. mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader there. against allison grime, someone else who tried to distance herself from the president. wouldn't say whether she voted for the president or not. just in the past couple of day, as this race has tightened, the d dswc has dumped money into last-minute ad buys. does that mean they know something this poll doesn't show? do they have some kind of internals that make it worth that money? >> there's a lot of polls out there that have a lot of races fairly close. an unlimited amount of money being spent. so at the end of the day, you know, it's a giant win for them if they can take mcconnell out. at the end of the day, people in kentucky have to say, do i want the most powerful man who's going to be the majority leader come next janeuary or do i want someone who is basically a rookie? i think at the end of the day, mcconnell's going to get re-elected and get re-elected by four or five points.
9:38 am
>> also, now, over to iowa. ernst/braley there. again, a very tight race. 47.5 for joni ernst. braley, 45.0. it's some level, as these races go down to the wire, does spending the next 200,000, 500,000, $1 million as you've noticed, unlimited amount of money out there, does that make the difference in the last ten days or is it one of those things, just try not to have an oops moment in the next ten days? >> you obviously don't want an oops moment. each of these races have had sufficient voter contact. the critical thing is to get out the vote efforts. joni ernst is one of my favorite candidates. she has a guy i worked with david pulansky working with her. he ran michele bachmann's victorious straw poll. he knows that state well. he knows how to get his vote out. that's more important than more money spend on advertising at
9:39 am
this point in time. >> joni ernst just said she was not going to sit down with the des moines register's editorial board. does it make a difference or not? >> well, it doesn't make a difference because the des moines register would beat the daylights out of her for months now and had two editorials the week before pounding her. so why sit down? at the end of the day, the des moines register is not going to be for her. it's not going to make any difference. don't think you're going to find people who say i have to wait for the des moines register. that's just not the role of papers anymore. >> as you say -- >> i also think she's going to win this race. i think she's going to be a star of our party. tremendous candidate and has not made -- for a first-time candidate, has not made a mistake. >> you heard it from mr. rollins first. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. in just five minutes, it's your money. we will take a look at this year's tax dollar waste book roundup. and launching just nearly three hours ago. why this space dragon is the new
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and welcome back. it's that time of year again. waste book 2014 is now out. the annual roundup of the shocking ways that the federal government spends billions of your taxpayer dollars. some of these you have to actually see to believe. here's a roundup from fox news correspondent peter ducey. >> those aren't bubbles, they're sea monkeys. it cost tax pays $300,000 because believe it or not you're watching a choreographed synchronized swimming routine featuring brine shrimp. as other scientists gave rabbits swedish massages to see how much a rubdown helps a rabbit recover
9:45 am
from exercise. taxpayer tab, $387,000. the list goes on. republican senator tom coburn's 2014 waste book, 100 projects, billions of your money. >> and say, oh, yes, that's going to help come up with an ebola vaccine, going to help cure cancer, going to help a.l.s. this is not the kind of thing that really results from a lot of these studies. >> reporter: the national science foundation funds nearly a dozen projects listed but defense their work saying, we stand by our rigorous merit review process and nsf receives about 50,000 proposals each year and funds about 11,000 of those. another agency called out in this year's waste book, the department of interior. for spending $10,000 to have someone remove 40,000 plugs of salt marsh cord grass individually, then monitor to see how long it takes to grow back. also deemed wasteful, a pentagon
9:46 am
plan to spend $1 billion destroying $16 billion worth of surplus ammo. and there's a $10,000 grant for a children's play about a teenage zombie. >> we ought to stipulate more what this funding can do and what it can't do. and that's really congress' fault. we need to get back in and reauthorization these programs and set certain guardrails. >> the future of waste book is now up in the air because senator coburn is retiring. so he says he hopes a concerned colleague will pick up the slack in 2015. uma. >> all right, peter, thank you. right now, new polls show a growing level of concern over the life and next generation of americans. nearly 2 out of 3 people think it will be worse than today. fox news reporting went out west to colorado on the quest for the american dream and the candidate who people believe will help them achieve it. >> all of the other people that
9:47 am
are trying to make a better life for themselves coming from other countries are entitled to an american dream. it's not just a dream for america. it's a dream for the world. >> i think, you know, that they should specify who can come in and pay taxes like everybody does. >> the aglers are trying to expand their business so they want a candidate who will work to make that possible. >> fox news reporting. the american dream on the ballot. anchored by brett bair airs tonight at 5:00 p.m. eastern, again tomorrow 10:00 p.m. eastern. set your dvrs. coming up, he was just 4 years old and the first child to die from the mysterious enterovirus sweeping across the country. up next his father shares his heartbreaking story along with news of a new foundation in place that's now set up to honor this child's legacy.
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operated a robotic arm to release the spacex dragon spacecraft. the cargo spacecraft delivered nearly 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments to the international space station. in the month long stay. our next story is one of unconditional love. a father on a mission to find the good out of something so
9:52 am
tragic. it was just one month ago when andrew waller's charming 4-year-old son eli died from the daunting enterovirus. the new jersey preschooler's death was the first tied to the respiratory illness that has swept across the country. doctors are not clear how the youngster contracted the virus. he showed no symptoms and died in his sleep. joining us now, andrew waller, who is here to share more about eli and to tell us about a special foundation that's now in place to honor his son's memory. welcome to you. first off, i want you to know that i extend my heartfelt condolences on your loss to you and your family. eli was the youngest of your triplets and a boy that cared deeply for his family. a happy child who wanted you to be proud of him. give us a sense of why he touched so many hearts? >> he was a real -- thank you for having me, by the way. i appreciate it. eli was a really pure kind of spirit. he -- he didn't really hold anything back as far as, you
9:53 am
know, showings his love for people and, you know, when you're 4 years old, you just live your life to the fullest. you live in the moment. i think people appreciated that about him. >> eli was a special needs child with speech and language delays. as i understand it, though, he really loved school? >> he loved his teachers. he absolutely adored school. he only had a couple of first days of school in his life but they were really big deals for him with new outfits and backpacks and that kind of thing. that was i think where we ended up getting the idea to start the first day of school foundation. >> it's not clear yet how your son contracted the virus because he didn't show symptoms tied to it like coughing fever. he had no underlying medical condition. yet eli went to bed that night feeling fine, right? >> that's correct. and just that idea has really i think underscored for me and my family and our lives the idea of trying to make the very best out
9:54 am
of every day that you have in your life. i think it was a really random event eli's passing and so with that in mind ever since then we've tried to really make the most out of every possible moment that we have and this foundation is one of the ways we're doing that. >> what i find remarkable is the anguish over your son's death is so real and yet you and your wife decided a way through your sorrow to establish a foundation in his honor called the first day of school foundation. share with us if you would what you hope to do with the foundation to help other children. >> the idea here is that, you know, when a kid, especially a kid with special needs starts school, they might be nervous, it might be a hard event for them. the idea was if we could provide some of the things students might need or be excited about, imagine a brand new backpack with, you know, a special character on it or imagine a new outfit, from there it's even grown i think into being able to
9:55 am
provide things like therapeutic activities for afterschool for kids with special needs, that was something eli benefited from greatly. speech and ot and his dance class. if we could provide things like tuition for those for needy kids, kids that might not be able to afford that, that's what we want to do try to do. >> i read where you are quoted as saying i'm trying to help me become the father and person that eli saw when he looked at me. what do you mean by that? >> i think when a kid looks at their parent, you know, they see the absolutely best in that person. and as a parent, i think it's paramount to try to be that person, to think of the best person that you can possibly be and try to live up to that. imagine what your child looks at when are they look at you. if you can be that person, be that incredible superhero they see, then we should aspire to
9:56 am
that and that's what we're trying to do with the foundation. >> you are a remarkable father and i know this is a hard time for you and your family. 's so grateful to you for sharing your story with us and we want people to take part and help you with your foundation. thank you for joining us today. we appreciate it today. your son, a remarkable young boy. thank you. >> we appreciate the opportunity as well. thank you, guys, so much for supporting us. we thank you. >> and in case you missed it we will put up the first day of school foundation link on our twitter account so you can come here and learn how to help eli and his family. really an amazing story and inspiration a.m. >> absolutely. thank you. >> coming up, the midterm sprin is on and candidates making it's bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer.
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see what others paid for it, lock in your savings, and get the car you want hassle-free. with truecar, it's never been easier. we begin this hour with the search for what drove a student to kill his classmate, wound others and kill himself. a live report on the tragic school shooting in marysville, washington, coming up. another deadly shooting in sacramento. two sheriff deputies killed, a third rounded. we'll tell you about the dramatic conclusion to a six-hours chase and manhunt that spanned two northern california counties. and, there are new fears this morning about the spread of the ebola virus. a third state is ordering mandatory quarantines. >> it doesn't matter how wonderful the protocols are that we have from cdc, it doesn't matter how much our experts know, we're going to be inundated with cases.


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